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The perfect kitchen cabinets for your home

In any kitchen remodeling, the cabinets take center stage. Styles have changed over the years, but they continue to be one of the most exciting parts of a remodel.

Aldo Design Group, since 1972, has been serving Central New Jersey as a top flooring and interior products retailer, for both residential and commercial customers, as well as home builders.

As a cabinet retailer in Carteret, NJ, we know just how important it is to find the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home. Visit us in our showroom in Carteret, NJ, serving Carteret, Woodbridge, Edison, Avenal, Elizabeth, and surrounding areas. We provide free in-home measuring.

Which comes first, the cabinet installation, or the flooring?

We recommend installing the flooring first. If you install the cupboards before the flooring, you can have height issues that can decrease your flooring choices and sometimes create uneven floors.
Appliances are attached to the subfloor, so if there's not proper clearance, you can trap them and have to rip up part of the floor to get to them when it's time for a replacement.

But don’t worry, as professional cabinet and flooring installers, we can be sure the job is done right, no matter what step you are at in your renovation.

Three kinds of cabinets

Stock cabinets are mass-produced and factory-made. They come in standard colors and sizes and no customization is necessary.

Semi-custom cabinets are stock ones, but they allow for a limited amount of customization.

means specs are drawn and sent to a workroom where a craftsperson builds the item.

Styles of Kitchen Cabinets

The most commonly recognized is the Shaker, with clean, simple, classic lines that many designers feel will never go out of style. Each door has a frame at the top and bottom, as well as on the sides. The center panel can either be raised or recessed and will fit into any decor.

Glass-front cupboards have a reflective quality that can brighten a dark room, especially when twinkling lights are added to inside doors.

Beadboards have vertical slats that fit into each other. The boards or planks can vary in width, making it more textured. Since one of the characteristics of cottage decor is texture, this can fit in nicely.

The flat-fronth as no panels or framing, it is very minimalist and even stark but works well in modern kitchens.

The last two give a warm, rustic and organic look that's so popular right now: plywood and natural wood; just be sure the latter has a kitchen that's well vented so humidity doesn't build up.