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What you need to know about hardwood flooring

You will never go wrong with a hardwood floor. Whether you choose oak, maple, hickory, cherry, or any other domestic or exotic species, this floor will add warmth and charm to your home. It is classic and never goes out of style.

A hardwood floor is also versatile and able to fit into any decor, from the most modern to the most traditional, and anything in between.

Aldo Design Group, since 1972, has been serving Central New Jersey as a top flooring and interior products retailer for both residential and commercial customers, as well as home builders.

As a hardwood flooring retailer in Carteret, NJ, we explain to our customers that a wood floor isn’t just a purchase but, rather, an investment. Whether you choose solid or engineered, it adds value to your home and will last for years.

What’s the difference between solid and engineered?

Only construction! While one is a big slab throughout the entire thickness, the other is a layered product which gives it more stability and as better able to handle water.
At the top of an engineered hardwood floor is a slice of genuine wood. This is what adds the beauty we all know so well, such as the undertones, quirky knots, raised grains, and swirls. Underneath are three layers (preferably more) of genuine timber combined with some resin, all placed in a crosswise position.

As a result, this flooring doesn't shrink or contract with excess humidity or cold or need acclimation can be installed in some high moisture places where solid cannot, such as below-grade levels, such as the basement.

What to look for in hardwood flooring

Solid wood should be anywhere from 5/16 to ¾-inch thick. Engineered should be no less than ⅝-inch thick, but ¾-inch is ideal. It does affect the number of times a floor can be sanded and refinished: solid, from four to six; engineered, from one to four or five.

Do you install all wood floors the same?

No, solid hardwood starts with a tongue and groove where the pieces fit together, but then must be nailed or glued.

Engineered also has the option of becoming a floating floor: that is, clicking the pieces together to form one surface and then laying it over the subfloor without any need for extra attachment.

If you have any more questions, visit our showroom in Carteret, NJ, serving Carteret, Woodbridge, Edison, Avenal, Elizabeth, and surrounding areas. Ask about our free in-home measuring!